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The ball seems to wear out really quickly – is that normal?

We chose our ball supplier very carefully – they’re an ITF approved global supplier that supplies the LTA in the UK so meet stringent standards. Of course, there are exceptions, so if your ball does become defective we would be happy to replace it.
Bear in mind the TopspinPro ball gets about 20x more use (if not more) than a regular tennis ball. While using the TopspinPro the ball is often hit every 2 to 3 seconds. On a tennis court, imagine you’ve got 4 balls that you rally with. 1 ball might be in a rally of 5 or 6 shots. And then it’s on the side of the court or at the net for a few minutes while you use the others. So that’s why TopspinPro balls wear out faster than regular tennis balls and need to be replaced often. On the plus side, they will still work even after a lot of the fuzz has gone.
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