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Does this work for someone who's been playing a long time but wants to get more consistent topspin?

Yes! There are two parts to making this change happen. Often people that aren’t hitting consistent topspin aren’t hitting it the right way. When you use the TopspinPro for the first time you’ll have an “aha moment.” I don’t say that lightly. When I launched TopspinPro in 2015 I was much more circumspect about my promises! But I have now seen this happen so many times I am quite sure of it. And I get excited every time I see the change. 

The second part is taking that discovery and locking it into muscle memory. The time this takes varies from person to person. Some people have found that simply having it explained or looking at a video of people using the TopspinPro has given them the realisation they needed. Others needed a few minutes a day for several weeks to ingrain the change.

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