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Where should I set up my TopspinPro?

The best advice in terms of spacing is to plan the scenario you want to practice. For example, if you would like to practice a wide baseline forehand, set it away from you and practice going from your ready position (in the center of the baseline) and then running laterally to your TopspinPro. Obviously in the house you can’t replicate the exact distance that you would run on the tennis court … unless you have huge rooms! The key component is to set it up in a tactically correct position, even if your running distance is short. So perhaps try somewhere you are running forward to hit, some laterally and some backwards. In a real situation, on the tennis court, you never hit the same ball twice … what I mean by that is the ball is never in the same position twice, so really try mixing up your start position so you don’t get used to taking the same number of steps each time.

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