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The tennis training device that teaches you to hit Topspin like a pro!

The tennis training aid that over 100,000 people have used to transform their game

We designed the TopspinPro to teach you to control the ball with topspin, so you can play tennis with the power and precision of a pro.

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Beat the competition

Go from weak, flat groundstrokes to shots that rip off the court – catching your unsuspecting opponent off guard, and forcing them to make error after error.

Learn in minutes what takes years

Topspin is notoriously difficult to learn – some players struggle for years. Even if you’ve been hitting flat shots all your life, the TopspinPro will deliver a dramatic difference to your game in the first week or two.

The tennis training device that teaches you to hit Topspin like a pro!


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  • Convenience:

    Practice anywhere
  • Frequency:

    100s of balls a day
  • Learning Curve:

    Days or weeks

Tennis Coach

  • Convenience:

    Tennis court only
  • Frequency:

    Once or twice a week
  • Learning Curve:

    Weeks or months

Great value

For less than the cost of two tennis lessons, you can start learning topspin. That way, once you’ve mastered it you and your coach can move onto more interesting stuff – like outwitting your opponent.

Anywhere anytime

Use the TopspinPro even when you don’t have time to hit the courts after a busy day (or the weather gets in the way!). Get your reps in at on court, at the office or even at home while watching TV!

Where do you practice?

The tennis training device that teaches you to hit Topspin like a pro!
The tennis training device that teaches you to hit Topspin like a pro!

At Home

On Court


Master the racket-face angle the pros use

Watch the pros in slo-mo and you’ll see they keep the same racket-face angle throughout the stroke. That’s why we built in a steep back screen on the TopspinPro. So you’ll be doing the same – within minutes.


Spinning ball on a spring-loaded spindle

The key difference between hitting with topspin and hitting flat shots is how you make contact. For topspin, you need to brush up the back of the ball. The TopspinPro lets you experience what this feels like because the tennis ball is mounted on a spindle


Adjustable height for players of all sizes

The TopspinPro is height adjustable, meaning it can accommodate tennis players of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 years old and 3 feet tall, or 80 years old and pushing 7 feet – the TopspinPro can accommodate just about everyone

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Tried & Tested

You could spend $100 a lesson with a local pro and take 15 lessons, and improve less than if you worked with the TopspinPro.

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