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Avg. rating of 4.84 from 308 reviews
Michael Nardilla

Tried a few hundred forehand and backhand swings the first few days. I think I improved a little and the swings seem a little more natural.

Hi Michael, so great that you feel the TopspinPro is helping you improve your technique - we appreciate that 5* review, let us know if you ever need any assistance on 🙂

Glen Ross
Fixed my flat swing and improved the ball contact point on the strings.

I found out quickly how flat my swing was because I was hitting into the frame of the TopSpinPro. I thought I had a more vertical swing then that. After an hour of practice I was hitting the ball only and putting topspin on it. After more practice I was increasing the topspin. A problem that I have had for many years is contacting the ball too low on the strings. By having a stationary ball to hit and following some online tennis video instructions I have greatly improved my ball contact point on the strings. Playing much better tennis now.

Dear Glen, thanks for much for taking the time to leave this 5* review - so glad you feel the TopspinPro has helped you play better tennis!

Andrew Haywood
Instant Improvement

The topspinpro helped me improve my forehand and backhand straight away just by making me adjust my swing angle. It made me realise I was hitting to flat, resulting in the ball in the net or long. A great, well built, but simple product. Thank you.

Dear Andrew, so great to hear that the TopspinPro is working for you! We appreciate the time you've taken to write this 5* review, let us know if we can ever assist you at all 🙂

Siamak Afshar
Great Teaching Tool

I loved this tutorial tool the moment I started using it. From costumer friendly assembly till educational videos, hands down. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Totally recommend it to all!

Dear Siamak, what high praise for us to hear that the TopspinPro is one of the best purchases you've made - we truly appreciate you leaving us this 5* review!

Jeff Wong
5 day update to 1st review

I'd been hitting the ball below the sweet spot and sometimes on the frame below the strings. I changed my approach from trying to hit with the sweet spot to hitting the ball above the sweet spot. That seemed to work. I was hitting balls on court today and trying to get the timing right so as to hit the ball with the same brushing motion that let me see the ball spin in my living room. Tracking the ball in my 64 year old brain isn't quite what I want it to be--that's another major project going at the same time. I hope that a regression to hitting from the service line will help me better track the ball, as I seem to be looking at where I want the ball to go rather than the ball itself while hitting from the baseline.
In true life, topspin isn't happening in a jiffy for me. Even though I hit topspin when I drop balls for myself, I drop every ball at the same height. That has to change. I shall begin using the different heights of the TSP to help me improve. Without the Topspin Pro, I doubt I'd be so ambitious.
On timing: my hitting partners don't blast the ball at me at ATP speed, so I do have time to make a backswing and even a slow to moderate speed swing. My hitting partners have been very patient with me, but using our practice wall more often is on the A list.
One other aspect of hitting with another person that I'm beginning to understand is to read how their stroke (slice vs. flat vs. topspin) affects my timing. This isn't like swallowing a pill and waking up with great topspin on my groundstrokes. It's a work in progress.

Hi Jeff, thanks for this 5* review - I believe our customer success manager Zoe has gone back to you with an extensive email commenting on your review. Let us know if you have any more questions!

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