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TopspinPro Reviews

Avg. rating of 4.82 from 264 reviews
Grant Kevey
Excellent teaching tool. Great service

Very quick delivery to New Zealand
Great product and after sales backup

Dear Grant, We are so glad to hear you are enjoying the TopspinPro! We hope you enjoy mastering your technique. Thank you for taking the time to give us 5* 🙂

Florian Chalupsky

It‘s a really great teaching aid. The Kids have a lot fun to train with it, and understand it easier how to hit the ball in the correctly way. The customer service is also great.

Dear Florian, it's so great to hear the fun you're all having with the TopspinPro. You're too kind for also providing lovely comments about the service we provide, you've made our day! Thanks for taking the time to leave us this 5* review 🙂

mike rahaley
Great Teaching Aid

As a tennis pro, this is one of the best teaching aids on market today! Plan on ordering another one real soon! Highly Recommend

Dear Mike, thanks for the glowing recommendation! We look forward to seeing your next purchase and really appreciate the 5* review you've left us.

Paul Waters
Great for training!

Great aid and customer service is great too!

Dear Paul, we really appreciate the 5* review you've left us today. We also agree with you that the TopspinPro is a pretty great training aid and thanks so much for your lovely comment about us at customer services 🙂 We look forward to hearing about your progress in the future!

Dr. Fred Morrison
Really helps my game

I got TSP because I can't find players to drill with. TSP helps me to relax, groove my stroke path, keep my eye on the ball, turn perpendicular to the net, groove my spacing, load, unload, follow thru and work on my footwork approaching the ball for forehands, backhands and top spin lobs. I also use to warm up before going to the court to play. I have had only two small problems with construction of the TSP. The black end cap coming off, replaced it with tubing provided which works perfectly. Also silicone O-ring kept breaking used a thin wrapping of athletics tape to replace it which works great for me. The TSP customer support get 10 stars out of 5, grate people, know the product, very responsive with pictures, videos and written answers. So great product, really helps my game, great support.

Dear Fred, 10 stars out of 5?! Woah. We're absolutely delighted you think so highly of us and the TopspinPro. We truly appreciate the 5* review you've left us. Please know that if you have any issues in the future that your great DIY skills don't resolve, we're ready to assist you!

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