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Fantastic product and customer service

I bought the TopspinPro as a birthday present for my wife. I have 3 sons who also play tennis and they all enjoy it. It's a great teaching aid, very robust and really fit for purpose. I must say also what brilliant customer service Phil and Olivia provided. My order was delayed by Brexit but they went above and beyond what any normal company would have done to get it to me on time.

Love it,

I purchased the TopspinPro so that I could practice my tennis during lockdown. I’m fairly new to tennis and have found this a really useful thing. When I first started playing my coach would keep talking about topspin but I found it hard to understand how I could put spin on my shots. I now understand. I really hope my daily practice with the TopspinPro is noticeable when I get back on court! I really enjoy the video clips.... who knows I may even develop a backhand slice!

Great Training

Top spin pro really teaches a sound fundamental swing. I definitely feel more control with my forehand shots than before.
Great product and nicely priced.

Well worth the investment!

I didn’t really hesitate at the reasonable cost of the unit considering I’ve spent many times this amount on private lessons while developing topspin shots. I like that the unit is portable and can be used in the smallest of places. The Pro also came with daily video clips on the various uses of it beyond forehand and backhand ground strokes development. My online coach/instructor uses his in numerous teaching videos. Highly recommend not only for development of topspin shots but also for practicing them indoors.

Getting Started

It's a big help just having the TopSpin Pro close and available. I can easily take a few minutes away from my work to swing the racket and train myself in the proper angle and wrist movement. I can't wait to take what I'm learning out to the court.

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