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TopspinPro Reviews

Avg. rating of 4.83 from 530 reviews
Mechelle Kaufman
It Works!

I am a self taught player so I never developed my stokes and as a result hit very flat weak shots. I took lessons and tried to learn to hit topspin but never developed a good stoke. I started using the TopSpin pro the day it arrived. I noticed an improvement at my first practice that same day. Now I am a week into using the TopSpin Pro and have experienced a huge change in my forehand and backhand! This tool really helped me with my follow through and keeping the racket face closed. So happy I made the decision to purchase. Thank you!

Hey Mechelle, thanks so much for taking the time to leave us this 5* review 🙂 It's so great to read of your progress and we wish you all the best with your continued use of the TopspinPro, thanks so much for purchasing!

Great coaching tool

Sturdy practical product: fulfilled my expectation to help a number of my clients to get the feel for topspin and better positioning to the ball (regardless of spin):- have used it by tasking players to run to it and then set for the shot.
It motivates many juniors to repeat the stroke consistently over and over and obviously useful to occupy a player or two whilst I feed or hit to another player before switching round
All in all v worthwhile investment for my business

Hey Stephen, we truly appreciate this glowing review! Thanks for taking the time to leave us 5*, it's fantastic to hear that it has fulfilled your expectations and proven valuable in your coaching sessions for teaching topspin. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you ever need assistance 🙂

Liolios Dimitris
Α verry usefull product

Great product,very solid,and great support,from the company!

Hey Liolios, thanks for taking the time to leave us this 5* review! We appreciate your kind comments and we are wishing you all the best

Great Product

I found TopspinPro to be very useful in helping me to visualize and get the feeling of how to hit topspin.

It has improved my forehand stroke and I would highly recommend it.

Thank you

Hi there Jamel, thanks for leaving us this 5* review - we're so glad to hear how the TopspinPro is assisting you and we appreciate your recommendation 🙂 All the best

This is the perfect tennis aid for me!

I used to play a lot of tennis but fell into some really bad habits over the years having casual hits. I'm really fast around the court so found I could frequently win points by simply getting the ball back when my hitting partner thought they'd already won the point.
A highly experienced player and coach I'd known many years before saw me play one day and asked, 'Shona, what's happened to your topspin?'
So, I ordered a Topspinpro and what I've realised after one practice is that this tool has really focused my attention on what it used to feel like to hit the ball the way I used to. After years of being plagued with injuries, I'm so enthused that I've joined a club again so that I can practice in real life what I'm learning at home. I plan to be on court again by next week!
Thank you so much Topspinpro for giving me the impetus and motivation to get back into the game 🙂

Hi Shona, we appreciate your 5* review. Thrilled to hear that in such a short amount of time, it's rekindled your passion for tennis and motivated you to join a club again. You may be interested in our new Online Clinic, I'll include the link below. Best of luck in your journey back to the court!

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