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Dr archana


Thank you for your lovely review Dr Archana

Großartiges Trainingsgerät

Ich bin Tennisanfänger und nicht mehr der Jüngste. Entsprechend habe ich nach einem Trainingsgerät gesucht, mit dem ich eigenständig meine Technik trainieren,verbessern und einschleifen kann. Topspin Pro hat alle meine Erwartungen erfüllt und übertroffen. Selbst nach bereits einer Woche hat sich mein Schlagmuster deutlichst verbessert, meine Technik wurde ausgereifter, sodass es sogar meinem Trainer aufgefallen ist. Ich übe 2x täglich ca 5-10 Min und es reicht aus, um die Vorhand effizienter zu machen, der Rückhand den Spin zu geben, der notwendig ist. Allein das man es eben ohne Partner üben kann ist Gold wert.
Zudem TopspinPro einen robusten Eindruck macht und wenig Platz wegnimmt. Man kann es locker im Wohnzimmer stehen lassen und trainieren. Von mir hätte es 10 Sterne gegeben!

Hallo Holger, Vielen Dank für Ihre strahlende Bewertung. Wir freuen uns sehr, von Ihren großartigen Verbesserungen in Ihrem Stoke in so kurzer Zeit zu lesen. Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg mit deinen Techniken.

James Robbins
Best invention since sliced bread

I'm a beginner player and Topspin Pro has already taught me the advantage of acquiring a precise tennis stroke. Using it well becomes a skill in itself. I enjoy it so much that I practice almost whenever I walk past it of an evening or early morning. I would suggest the designers develop extended legs and a universal swivel to allow us to better practice the many other strokes possible with the device.

Thank you James! Like you, I have one set up in the hallway to tempt my wife & son into a few daily strokes Yes, better height range, a ball axis that can tilt & be flipped over for slice. We're on it! thanks again! Phil

Christopher Hinton
A Really Good Tennis Training Tool

I subscribe to the YouTube channel 2MinuteTennis and Ryan continually champions the value of this product in improving tennis technique, not just by imparting topspin on the ball, but also in working on the whole racquet swing plus the correct footwork in preparation of the ground stroke being practiced. The weather lately has been cold, wet, windy so this product has been of great benefit by allowing me to work on my techniques at home indoors (there is just about enough space/ceiling height provided I am careful). Using the TopspinPro is so much better than just doing shadow swings. I’ve yet to see how the practice I have done so far translates to performance on court but I leave it set up indoors and tend to do lots of short sessions when I have a spare moment. I feel confident that using it will reinforce correct patterns of movement and so improve quality and consistency. So, it’s five stars from me.

Hi Christopher, thank you so much for the lovely review! It is really good that this allows you to practice at a time when you might not be able to otherwise. I hope you will see the benefit on court in finer weather soon!

steven schenck
Practice Anytime

Everything has been as advertised, from ease of assembly to use. I like very much that I can practice my swing anytime in my basement and expect it to help in "real life" as well. And the videos are a welcome bonus.

I also plan on using it with my grandkids as a fun intro to tennis. My hope is that they'll grow to love tennis as much as I do. Thanx, TopSpinPro!

Hi there, thank you so much for this review. It is so good to know we are helping to bring a new generation into tennis as well. Keep up the good work!

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