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Avg. rating of 4.85 from 336 reviews
Immediate Feedback

As a 66yo relative novice, nothing from years of playing racquetball. The Top Spin Pro gave me immediate feedback when I tried unsuccessfully to generate topspin with too flat a swing. I quickly learned to relax my wrist and let the racket fall below the ball and slightly close the racket face during contact, parallel to the face of the guides. I thought with an eastern grip, I needed a flatter swing, but the TSP proved it could be done with this adjustment. I tried it out during my next lesson and could feel the difference and see the results!
Thank you!

Chuck Young
A training aid that truly delivers!

After a short three weeks of using this aid in my basement, I am now hitting a topspin forehand and backhand. fIncredible! As a 4.0 player, I thought that a flat stroke was with me for life. Thank you for this wonderful training aid!

Hi Chuck, thanks for leaving this 5* review - it's great to hear that the TopspinPro has helped you improve on your forehand and backhand. No more flat strokes, too! Win Win! 🙂

Natasha DeGuzman
Great product

My husband and I just started playing tennis and this has really helped us immensely! With winter coming it gives us a chance to keep playing when the courts have to close.

Hi Natasha, thanks for taking the time to leave this 5* review - we are pleased to read that the TopspinPro will come in handy in the winter months to you both.

Mark Martell
TopSpinPro is the way to g🎾!

Absolutely a phenomenal training aid … for ALL ages and levels! Small amounts of time invested with HUGE returns!

Hey Mark, what glowing comments. Thanks for this 5* review, we hope you continue to see the results you expected from the TopspinPro!

Joseph Maravillas
TopSpin Pro

Very well put together, sturdy and easy to set up and to store away.

Dear Joseph, thanks for your kind comments - so glad you found it easy to assemble. We appreciate your 5* review 🙂

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