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TopspinPro Reviews

Avg. rating of 4.83 from 505 reviews
Phillips Johnston
Finally consistency in forehand

Been struggling with my forehand for 20+ years. After just 2 weeks using topspinpro, I have already seen remarkable improvement in consistency. I feel like I have finally fixed my forehand for good. I thought it might be a silly gimmick, but I was desperate so took a chance. Turns out it’s a brilliant tool to help with consistent topspin. Bravo.

Hi Phillips, Thank you so much for leaving your 5* review! We are thrilled to hear you have seen such a great improvement with your forehand! We hope you see the results on the court too.

Ralph Ives
Good Reinforcement

I would like a better understanding of the sound when I'm contacting correctly - should the racket hit only the ball or frame of the TopspinPro too? The answer will help me reinforce my stroke. Thanks

Hi Ralph, thank you for leaving your 4* review! The Customer care Team has emailed you directly with advice to help you with your stroke.

Julion Soto
This machine is genius.

This machine has been in my household for about 7 years. I first got it for my kids in the winter right before my daughter had a pretty big tournament. We can't afford indoor court time, a private coach, etc...and the week before her tournament it rained every single day...every single day...oh boy, she couldn't even play outside in a winter that was unusually warm...but, we had the TopspinPro...she used that every day, and her first match of the NYJTL Hartman Cup was a marvel...she demolished her opponent with incredible power and spin. She won the whole thing. If she hadn't had this machine to practice with, I'm sure she'd have been shaky, and had lost some spin to her shots. That happens with 11-year-olds when they don't practice a lot...luckily, Phil's a genius. I recently bought a Topspin Pro for my son's high school tennis team. There are great players on the team (my son is 1st singles since his freshman year), some not-so-great, some fairly new to the sport and the addition of this machine did exactly what it was supposed to do, it gave these kids who aren't confident on-court, lots of confidence and spin to compete with kids who train's been a great winning season so far...guess why? This machine is magic, and Phil has been incredibly kind and generous through the years. This is the wisest investment you can make.

Hi there Julion, Thank you for this absolutely amazing review! So good that the kids are getting such good results from the TopspinPro. The very best of luck with the competitions, I am sure the kids will do amazing things!

Great investment

Purchased the topspin pro for my 6 yr daughter she’s been playing tennis for about 2yrs now, after 5 days of using the topspin I’ve seen improvement with the power of her swing “no joke “ plus she loves it we keep it in living room , she swings all day long before school , before dinner , before bed etc …👍👍👍

Hi Dominick, Thank you for your 5 star review! We are so pleased to hear how dedicated your daughter is to her training, she sounds like a real star in the making!

More powerful than I thought

Sorry for my English, I'll do my best.
I've been playing tennis for almost 3 years, so my level is still a beginner. Three months ago while I was playing tennis I broke my calf muscle by 1,7cm and I had to stop playing. I bought Topspin with the idea to hit the ball during my recovery and improve my forehand and backhand. I watched a few videos and read the instructions. BACKHAND experience: I set up the feet too close to the ball so I was bending my arms when hitting the ball and to avoid hitting the device I had to change the grip and move the racket up too soon, when I started back on the tennis court all my backhands were going to the net or hitting with the tennis frame. I came back home, fixed the distance, fixed the grip, and ensure I was stretching my left arm before hitting the ball, for a while I removed the wings to be sure I was pushing forward the ball. The result was excellent, just 5 minutes a day I go back to the court and my backhand swing felt more comfortable and intuitive. FOREHAND: problem with feet and distance, I was hitting the ball two in front of me so when I went back to the court the balls were going crosscourt, I went back home to fix the distance and the results were amazing. CONCLUSIONS: I think it is an amazing tool to get consistency in the swing and help to work the footwork; now I have to work on the topspin but you already know that the device is great for that. Thanks, Phil for overcoming the barriers to create a great product. Congratulations to the company.

Hi Daniel, it is so good to hear that the TopspinPro is helping you so much even through your injury. Thank you so much for the review, and we hope all the practice continues to pay off.

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