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My racket keeps hitting the TopspinPro and makes a noise?

If your racket frame is hitting the TopspinPro then there is a strong likelihood that one or both of the following 2 things are happening in your swing :
1. The tip of your racket is closer to the TopspinPro than the near side – ie. the racket isn’t parallel to the screen – see photo
And now look below and see how the racket is parallel to the baseline when the pro’s hit the ball? The same principle is true of the TopspinPro. The way to achieve this is to lay your wrist back more.
2. The second possibility is that the racket face is too open, which results in the bottom part of the frame catching on the steel under the screenholders. To correct this tilt your racket face forward so that it is ‘closed’ and matches the angle of the screen.
Have a look at these images to see what I mean by a closed racket face.
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