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The Pickleball Flick Volley

The Pickleball Flick Volley
The pickleball flick volley can be a game-changer when executed correctly. It can elevate your game with new attack capability and add an extra level of speed. Let’s look in depth at how it can help you and how to execute the pickleball flick.

What Is The Pickleball Flick Volley?

The pickleball volley is exactly as it sounds, a flick of the wrist. Rather than generating all of the power from driving through the ball, the power comes from a short and sharp flick. It allows you to quickly change the pace of the ball catching your opponents off guard and hit sharp angles.

How To Hit The Flick Volley

The easiest way to learn any new skill is to practice first with shadow swings or with a static ball. Begin at the contact point and then add in the follow-through (the flick), then extend the action by adding in a backswing.

Here’s a demo video of how to break down the flick volley on the TopspinPro. If you have your screens on you can still flick the ball while following the screens with your racket path.:

Paddle And Ready Position

Keep your paddle ready and in front. The further in front you wait with your paddle the less you need to move it to react. This means you are cutting down your opponent’s reaction time.


The key to speed in any pickleball shot is being loose, and this is especially crucial for the flick. Keep your wrist relaxed. The power and angle come from that quick wrist motion rather than a full-arm swing.

Here are some extra tips to help you be ready with quick hands:

When To Use The Flick Volley

The key to being successful with the flick volley is to not overuse it. You want to take your opponents by surprise and keep them on their toes!

Speed Ups

If your opponent suddenly speeds up the ball to your backhand volley a quick flick of the wrist can have it traveling past them before they have recovered from their speed up.

Short Ball Attack

If your opponent sends a drop shot or a short ball your way and you're quick enough to approach it, the flick volley can send the ball back swiftly before they have time to react or reset.

Changing Directions

The flick volley is a great tool to redirect the ball. If most of your volleys are going straight ahead and your opponent is catching on, a sudden flick volley can send the ball at a sharp cross-court angle.

Against The Net Player

If one of your opponents is at the net and you have a volley opportunity, a quick flick can either lob them or pass them at an angle, making it difficult for them to return.

Here’s an example video of the flick in action:

Common Mistakes With The Flick Volley

Going For Too Much Power

The aim is not to hit the hardest shot but to catch your opponent off balance. Focus on placement and angle rather than raw power.

Too Large Swing

It’s easy to overcook the technique and take a big swing at the ball. Keep it short and sharp.

Dropping The Paddle

After hitting the shot, some players have a tendency to drop their paddle. Always return to the ready position quickly in case your opponents manage to return your shot.


The flick volley is a versatile shot that can add a dynamic element to your pickleball game. When executed with precision, it can disrupt the rhythm of your opponents and give you an edge in the match. Like all advanced shots, it requires practice and understanding. Start incorporating it into your game, and you'll soon find that this deceptive shot can be a formidable weapon in your pickleball arsenal. Happy playing!


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