Does it really only take 2 minutes?

Yes! As I have demonstrated in over 15 real-time videos it takes less than 2 minutes for a player to hit their first topspin stroke. To fully integrate it so you’re using it in your matches takes a little longer.

Start by dropping the ball and hitting topspin. Then get someone to feed you balls and hit topspin. Then move to rallying with topspin and finally you will be able to include it in matchplay – the real test!

Surely I shouldn't learn topspin first?

Of course you should! The point is to make tennis fun. The fastest way to do that is to hit consistent shots so you’re competitive. The USTA uses the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) to help players figure out their tennis level (1.0 is beginner, 7.0 is world-class). The NTRP only start talking about spin at 3.5 or 4! They’ve got things back to front. Spin is what gives you consistency.

Learn topspin first and you dramatically reduce the time until you’re playing with consistency and power, which makes tennis much more fun. Learning topspin as a beginner saves you the trouble of having to learn a new way of hitting the ball later. Learn once. Learn topspin.

But isn't preparation just as important as topspin?

The other thing you’ll notice about people who have just learnt topspin is that they enjoy hitting it so much that their stroke preparation is better.

They automatically start getting into position faster, they naturally find the place they need to stand in relation to the ball to hit the most powerful and enjoyable stroke.

Will you give me my money back?

I absolutely guarantee you can learn topspin with the TopspinPro so have no hesitation committing to a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee!

But isn't the angle of the training aid too steep?

At first, it appears that way but the TopspinPro screen is there to represent the ANGLE OF THE RACKET FACE through the impact zone. It does NOT represent the swing path.

Federer’s racket angle is typically 79 degrees and Nadal’s is 76 degrees through the impact zone. The TopspinPro temporarily removes momentum from the stroke. Players automatically add swing momentum back into the shot themselves.


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