Age: 8

Level: Beginner

Meet Olly

When you’re a kid, learning tennis is as much about finding time to play as it is about hitting shots. With the TopspinPro, Olly can practise before school. When he hits the courts, his great technique means he can play with older kids.

Age: 34

Level: Beginner

Meet Bob

Nature gave Bob fire in his belly. He seems to have been a beginner forever. But now he hits his TopspinPro 100 times at home before leaving for work, and a few weeks later he’s ready for competitive matches.

Age: 42

Level: Intermediate

Meet Anna

After a certain age, it can be hard to fix bad habits. But with TopspinPro, Anna is at last sorting out that awkward wrist-rolling technique she’s used for years. With her new found confidence in her forehand, she’s got her place back in the club second team and life is good.

Is this you?

Trying to keep the ball in court to a good depth can reduce you to tears. You start hitting it long. So you hit it softly. Too softly. You find the net. You hire a coach and spend, spend, spend. You love tennis, but you’re wondering if tennis loves you.

But topspin is not just for the pros!

You watch the pros. They seem to be able to hit groundstrokes at 80mph+ yet still keep it in! How? It’s topspin. It makes the ball dip back down into the court.

That’s why topspin is crucial for recreational players too.

But learning it can be hard…

Topspin is tough to master. Get coached and it can take 10 (or more) sessions to get it right. That’s money out of your pocket and time out of your week.

And the momentum you lose between sessions makes locking in the muscle memory tricky – you spend the start of every session trying to remember what you did last week.

The TopspinPro makes learning topspin easy…

With the TopspinPro, you could learn topspin in just two minutes a day. Even if you’ve been hitting flat for years, you’ll see a dramatic difference in the first week or two.

… and convenient

It takes a little longer to lock in new muscle memory but the TopspinPro makes that faster too. It’s not magic – it’s just a lot easier and more fun getting the reps in – anywhere, anytime.

When you master topspin you’ll:

  • Consistently hit penetrating forehands with precision and power
  • Frustrate your opponents with shots that rip off the court
  • Get more quickly to a level where tennis becomes enjoyable and you can’t wait to get back on court.

Learn the exact racket-face angle that the pros use in their groundstrokes

Your swing path is where your racket starts and ends. Racket-face angle is more to do with your Grip.

Your TopspinPro teaches both. The back screen deliberately forces a steep swing path. This exaggeration helps you master topspin more quickly. And you’ll naturally flatten out your strokes a little when you hit the court.

The screen also teaches you to keep the same racket-face angle throughout the stroke. Just like the pros. Watch slow-motion footage of professionals and they keep this constant angle throughout the contact zone.

That’s right. You could be hitting like a pro within minutes.

60 Day Money back guarantee

No-risk, no-hassle 60-day Money-back Guarantee

You sweat enough on court - no need to sweat the returns process. If you have not discovered the many benefits of TopspinPro, just return it for a full refund.

Leave your opponents scratching their heads, wondering what the heck happened to your weak groundstrokes as you dismantle them – ripping one forehand winner after another.

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    Tennis court only
  • Frequency:

    Once or twice a week
  • Learning Curve:

    Weeks or months

It’s a lot of money and I’m not Sure

Let’s crunch the numbers comparing coaching and the TopspinPro

Enjoy your own ‘a-ha’ moment

Experience that moment of joy when you finally "get" it. The control, the power, the right grip, the racket-face angle, the swing path. All made so, so easy.

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