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My TopspinPro moves around a lot

Your TopspinPro will move around a little. To ensure it was portable we had to keep weight to a minimum. So people do tend to find they have to re-position it from time to time. Some don’t mind as they like the fact that it forces them to move & adjust their bodies slightly as if it is a new shot.

While your work on topspin you want a fairly vertical swing path initially so it shouldn’t move too much. But sometimes if you’re making contact that’s not quite parallel to the screen you might find after a few strokes the TopspinPro starts to rotate a little. So that can be a useful indicator that you might not be lining up your racket correctly.

But if the TopspinPro is moving a lot then there’s possibly another reason:

1. the friction bolt in the drum (see instructions) may need to be tightened – if it is loose the rebound of the ball will cause the product to bounce.
2. the surface you’ve placed the TopspinPro on may be very smooth or allow the product to slide.
3. the way you’re hitting it might have too much horizontal force.
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