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The ball won't stay on the metal arm/rod / spinning awkwardly / there is rattling sound

There are 2 different versions of the TopspinPro ball being used at the moment:  The ball using a dowel (hollow inside) and a ball with a spindle (with an e-ring installed inside).

If you are using a ball with a dowel, then you may be missing either a PVC tube or a black end cap to secure or retain the ball in the metal arm.  Please check your TopspinPro box and there should be a small paper envelope of ball retainers and also some spare elastic bungees.  Please use a new retainer, preferably the PVC tube rather than the black end cap.

Here is the assembly guide to help you with the installation.

If you are using a ball with a spindle, then it is most likely that there is a fault with the ball you received or it had been damaged.  Please contact us and our customer services will be happy to assist you in getting a replacement ball.

Once you receive your new ball, here’s a video on how to install the ball, and here is the assembly guide to help you with the installation.



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