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Topspinpro for Pickleball

Play Pickleball like a pro

Increase the power, control and accuracy of your shots with TopspinPro for Pickleball. Just 2 minutes per day!
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TopspinPro Pickleball

Go from flat shots to fab shots in minutes

The TopspinPro for Pickleball training aid helps you learn topspin so that you can play pickleball like a pro! Learn topspin - in just 2 minutes per day!

  • Practice on court or at home on a rainy day
  • Lock in the right technique in just 2 minutes/day
  • Great for recreational to pro players of all sizes

Just £ 129

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See your game improve

Just a few hits on the TopspinPro is enough to grasp the mechanics. 2 minutes later you’ll be hitting perfect topspin!

Topspinpro for pickleball Training Aid

The only training tool you’ll ever need to master pickleball topspin.

Screen panels:

Mesh screen panels help you maintain a 75 degree paddle-face angle as you hit the ball. This is how you make it spin!

Spinning ball:

The spinning ball on a spindle springs back when hit with topspin, helping you feel what it’s like to roll the ball.

Foldable frame:

Lightweight but sturdy frame will take the impact of your shots, while letting you pack away and carry around easily for pickleball training anywhere.
TopspinPro Design &

3 Steps to PickleBall Topspin

Perfect Angle
Perfect Angle

TopspinPro pickleball training aid helps you keep the paddle face between 75-80 degrees and encourages wrist use to generate spin.

Feel of spin
Feel of spin

The key to hitting with topspin is how you make contact. With the TopspinPro you can experience what it feels like to really roll the ball.


Repetition is key to learning the biomechanics of topspin. With the TopspinPro you can repeat the correct stroke up to 50 times each minute.

                Design & Features

The best way to fast-track your Topspin technique

I use this training aid on all our Signature PB camps with everyone from beginner to advanced players. The Topspinpro makes it easy to fine tune a players technique so that they experience the feel of good topspin.

TopspinPro Design &
                    Features Mark Price, PPR Pro Coach

What are the benefits?

Practice anywhere
Practice anywhere

Stay sharp and practiced, even when you don’t have time to hit the courts after a busy day (or when the weather gets in the way!). Practice at home, in the office, on the courts, anywhere.

Improve quicker
Improve quicker

Even if you’ve been hitting flat shots for months or even years, you’ll see a dramatic difference in the first week or two. The TopspinPro makes it faster to lock in the muscle memory, too!

For all ages and
For all ages and sizes

Doesn’t matter if you’re a recreational player or a pro, 5 years old and 3 feet tall, or 80 years old and pushing 7 feet - the TopspinPro is height adjustable and it will accommodate every player.

Suitable For:



topspin volleys



An investment in your game

TopspinPro helps pickleball players improve much faster!


Practice anywhere Practice with mutiple students at a time


100s of balls per training 100s of balls per training

Learning Curve

Days or weeks High-level skills, like tactics or positioning

Just £ 129

One off purchase

Just £ 129

One off purchase

For Players
For Coaches

Step up your pickleball game A faster way to teach pickleball

Topspin gives you better ball control allowing you to be more aggressive and creative with your game. In a matter of days, you can start learning topspin. Being able to practice every day, you shorten the path to topspin mastery tremendously! Accelerate your students’ training and make your coaching sessions more fun! As they master topspin and start playing with consistency and power, you can move to more valuable elements of coaching, like tactics and positioning.

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