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TopspinPro for Pickleball Reviews

Avg. rating of 4.71 from 14 reviews
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Your low setting for your top spin trainer is not low enough. I primarily hit drop serves. I am 5'11" tall. If I raise my hand as high as I can and then drop the ball, it won't bounce up as high as your lowest setting for the pickleball. I may have to return my top spin trainer because it is of little use to me for a drop serve, unless you have any suggestion that will resolve the issue that I have stated here.

The legs for your unit should be adjustable so I could lower the height of the pickleball for practicing DROP SERVES.

Thomas Smith [****] [****]

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your review. We appreciate your feedback and are taking on board any concerns for future releases of the TopspinPro. The current TopspinPro is designed specifically for learning the topspin component of the swing and the correct biomechanics needed to then transfer this to the court. It is not designed as a practice device for specific shots, even though, in some cases, it can be used for this. Unfortunately, there is no way to have it any lower or higher than the current settings, although some of our players/coaches raise it on a chair/table for high shots or tip it over for low shots leaning it on a bag or cushion.

All the best,


I love my topspinpro, I’m a Pickleball coach and it’s really helpful especially to help people understand what the top spin is. Thank you guys so much great product.

Hi Levon,

Thank you ever so much for your 5* review. We're so thrilled to read you're finding the unit helpful and improving others top spin! We hope all those you're helping will see the results on in their game!


We have loved playing around with the TopSpin pro as a fun way to work on our game. Now we just need to figure out how to get a PCKL ball on it!

Hi there, Thank you so much for your 5 star review! It's great to hear you are having fun whilst improving your game too! If you would like a video to help with installing the Pickleball contact the team on the below link and we can send this across to you.

Richard Morgan

Learning top spin and using shot in pickleball matches. Very helpful. The videos are great learning tool. 👍

Hi Richard, Thank you for your 5* review! We are so pleased that you are finding the videos a great learning tool alongside the TopspinPro for Pickleball.

My home coach

I received my TopSpinPro on Tuesday. It was easy to setup and the directions were very helpful. There are a number of tapes for various shots one makes in Pickleball. My problem was figuring out the footwork and my proximity to the ball. Now, I’m seeing results especially with rolling shots from midcourt and the kitchen.

I highly recommend investing the time and money with the TopSpinPro.

Hi Lanny, thank you for the lovely review! That is awesome that you are seeing such good results already. Keep up the good work and hopefully you will continue to improve! Best of luck with it!

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No-risk, no-hassle 60-day Money back Guarantee

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