TopspinPro for Pickleball Training Aid


The revolutionary pickleball training aid players are using to give themselves an edge. Quickly develop a reliable serve, powerful groundstrokes that dip into court and topspin volleys like the pros.

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TopspinPro is the revolutionary pickleball training tool that is helping thousands master topspin.

Topspin is crucial in pickleball because it is the only way to control the ball with pace. Mastering it unlocks an exponentially better level of pickleball.

Go from weak, flat groundstrokes to shots that dip into the court – catching your unsuspecting opponent off guard and forcing them to make error after error.

Topspin is notoriously difficult to learn – some players struggle for years. Even if you’ve been hitting flat shots for years, the TopspinPro will deliver a dramatic difference to your game in the first week or two.

For less than the cost of two lessons, you can get an edge to your game. That way, once you’ve mastered it you and your coach can move on to more interesting stuff – like game-winning tactics.

Key benefits:

  • Learn to hit consistent topspin with the TopspinPro pickleball training aid – ideal for recreational players – beginners & intermediate players of all ages and also tennis coaches
  • The screen forces the exact bio-mechanics of modern topspin groundstrokes – as seen by today’s professional players
  • This pickleball trainer can be used on court but is just as effective indoors at home on a rainy day – in just 2 minutes per day perfect your technique and lock in ‘new’ muscle memory
  • TopspinPro is adjustable in height, making it suitable for children aged 5 and over and for players up to 7ft tall

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Dimensions 68 × 27 × 10 cm

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