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Own the court with TopspinPro

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  • Rapid Results!
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Used & endorsed by tennis pros and federations
Thousands of success stories from 111 countries!
TopspinPro successfully funded on KickStarter TopspinPro featured by Nike Lawn Tennis Association TopspinPro featured by Telegraph
TopspinPro tennis training aid

The tennis training aid that's been a game changer for over 100,000 people

We designed the TopspinPro to teach you to control the ball with topspin, so you can play tennis with the power and precision of a pro.

Learn more about our innovative training method

Buy now £129.00
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Tried & Tested

  • Adam Cubey

    Adam Cubey

    Tennis player
    The single-handed topspin backhand is a tricky shot to learn. But thanks to the TopspinPro I picked it up straight away.
  • Melanie


    Tennis player
    I've had coaching for years but could never manage topspin. I'm a visual person. When I saw the TopspinPro I "got it" instantly. Minutes later I was hitting topspin.
  • Matt Stringer

    Matt Stringer

    LTA level 3, All Star Tennis
    The quickest results I have ever got teaching topspin.
  • Marjorie Blackwood

    Marjorie Blackwood

    Former WTA Top 50 player
    Pure genius! Amazing to see the difference in so little time! I think this could be a major teaching aid for tennis.
  • Clay Ballard

    Clay Ballard

    Founder of Top Speed Tennis
    You could spend $100 a lesson with a local pro and take 15 lessons, and improve less than if you worked with the TopspinPro.
  • Srini Donthireddy

    Srini Donthireddy

    Tennis player
    I have shown measurable improvement in 2 weeks with TopSpinPro. The Babolat POP shows that I have increased my topspin 20 - 30% when I play matches.
  • Tonia van Staveren

    Tonia van Staveren

    Tennis player
    TopspinPro is so brilliant! I think every tennis facility should have one. So simple and so clever - practicing on TSPro is a total game changer.
  • Cody Hunter

    Cody Hunter

    Director of Tennis, Grand Harbor
    An amazing product. Half of my students are showing up early to lessons so that they can warm up with the TopspinPro.
  • Conrad Singh

    Conrad Singh

    Founder of CETA, Head of ATPCA (Asia)
    A wonderful learning tool that perfectly captures the bio mechanical truths of topspin. So many pro coaches are misinformed on how to create topspi...

Learn in minutes what takes years

Topspin is notoriously difficult to learn – some players struggle for years. Even if you’ve been hitting flat shots all your life, the TopspinPro will deliver a dramatic difference to your game in the first week or two.

Beat your competition on the tennis court with TopspinPro

Practice anywhere, anytime

Use the TopspinPro even when you don’t have time to hit the courts after a busy day (or the weather gets in the way!). Get your reps in on court, at the office or even at home while watching TV!

TopspinPro can be used at home, on court or even in the office

For players
of all sizes

Whether you’re 5 years old and 3 feet tall, or 80 years old and pushing 7 feet - the TopspinPro will adjust to just about any player

Meet the TopspinPro

Introducing the tennis training aid that will transform your game

Screen Guides:

The mesh screen panels create a 75 degree plane behind the ball that forces you to make contact with exactly the same racket-face angle as the pros.

Spinning Ball:

The ball is two-toned and mounted on a spindle to help you see & feel how to "brush" the ball, not hit it. The spring-loaded ball arm returns to the original position after each shot.

Collapsible Base:

The height-adjustable tripod provides the perfect combination of a sturdy base that can withstand the impact of heavy shots while also allowing you to set up, or pack away in 1 minute.
TopspinPro Design & Features

Why it works

TopspinPro helps you work on 3 elements of a successful topspin stroke: angle, spin and consistency.

  • TopspinPro Angle

    Master the racket-face angle the pros use

    The TopspinPro has been designed to force what is known as the "windshield wiper" motion. Watch the pros in slo-mo and you'll see how they keep the racket-face tilted forward by 10-15 degrees throughout the contact zone. This angle and the steep upwards swing path are the crucial components for serious topspin.

  • TopspinPro Spin

    Feel what it's like to "brush" the ball

    The key difference between hitting with topspin and hitting flat shots is how you make contact. For topspin you have to brush up the back of the ball. With the TopspinPro you can slide the racket past the tennis ball to experience exactly what this should feel like. The spinning ball is the feedback that you've done it correctly.

  • TopspinPro Consistency

    Train and (UN)lock your muscle memory

    The TopspinPro allows you to replicate the exact bio-mechanics needed for topspin groundstrokes. It's simple setup means you can repeat this stroke up to 30 times in a minute. There is no magic here - the TopspinPro is just the easiest way to get more reps in with the right technique. Lock in the muscle memory and unlock a new level of tennis!

Endorsed by Coaches

Coaches and clubs across the world have adopted the TopspinPro as their essential tennis training aid.

Patent Proven Technology

The TopspinPro is protected by patents in the United States (US 9,623,312 B2), Japan, China, Australia and Europe.

An investment in your game

See how much your training improves when you use the TopspinPro.


Practice anywhere Practice with multiple students at a time


100s of balls per session 100s of balls per session

Learning Curve

Days or weeks Advance faster from technique to strategy

Just £ 129

One Off Purchase

Just £ 129

One Off Purchase

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For Players
For Coaches

Experience your "Ah-ha" moment & step up your game! A faster way to teach your students topspin

Discover the mechanics of topspin and change your tennis forever. In a matter of days you'll play with more power, more consistency and more joy. And you'll get more out of your tennis lessons. It's time to learn topspin the easy way. With the TopspinPro you'll be able to dramatically accelerate how soon your students master topspin and play with consistency and power. Allowing you to shift your focus to the more interesting and valuable elements of coaching - courtcraft, strategy & tactics.

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    Nike ad with Simona Halep features TopspinPro! (appears at 00:21) Lovely story about how Katherine's tennis journey was inspired by Halep. We were lucky enough to be featured in it because the TopspinPro played a big part in her training.

  • twitter



    BTS Run just released episode 129 which is all about them playing tennis. Here's an extract featuring lead singer Jungkook using the TopspinPro! #tennis #TopspinPro #BTS #BTSrun #JUNGKOOK

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    My tennis model Israel Migoko.. 😍 happily helping me with my lesson plans, after months off the tennis courts.. 🎾 #teammigoko #tennis #jamaica #tanzania #islandvibes #izzytennis #israelmigoko #topspinpro #learningtopspin

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    Friday Fun: Possibly the record for the most TopspinPro's on one side of the court! Thanks for sharing. Reposting @hobsonperformancetennis Improving movement and balance with the TopspinPros. #Tennis #TopspinPro

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    Second lockdown and I have been sent home to self isolate! Thank you mama for getting me this #TopSpinPro! Will add it to my daily tennis workout! #TennisLife #TennisGirl

  • instagram



    My tennis model Israel Migoko.. 😍 happily helping me with my lesson plans, after months off the tennis courts.. 🎾 #teammigoko #tennis #jamaica #tanzania #islandvibes #izzytennis #israelmigoko #topspinpro #learningtopspin

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    Warming up before @ustamidwest G12U with @topspinpro Great tool to enhance your top spin stroke! #topspinpro #tennistopspin #ustamidwest #ustachicago

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    TopspinPro in action🎾 härligt att se👍 Posted @withregram • @wedenskitennis

  • twitter



    No words needed. Kevc - thank you for sharing some incredible scenes with the TopspinPro! Reposting @kevc_sports Topspin practice facing the Victoria Harbour #tennis #TopspinPro

  • TheTopspinPro


    This is a before and after video of Holly learning how to hit a topspin forehand using the TopspinPro

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    Drills for 2 players combining footworks , balance and technique in FH and BH. #tennis #topspinpro #tennisfootwork #tennisdrills

  • twitter



    Tennis is Scotland - not for the feint of hart! Amelia is 9. Her profile says she's got a big forehand. Kinetic chain - hips, then shoulders, the arm - perfectly triggered in sequence. Reposting @ameliaplaystennis #tennis #TopspinPro

TopspinPro Tennis Training Aid
Recommended by Pros

"You could spend $100 a lesson with a local pro and take 15 lessons, and improve less than if you worked with the TopspinPro."

Clay Ballard - Top Speed Tennis

Clay Ballard

Owner of Top Speed Tennis

  • Thousands of success stories from 111 countries
  • 60-day, no-risk money back guarantee
  • Used & endorsed by pros & federations
Buy now £129.00
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