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Zoë Jeffery

10 Ways To Be a Good Pickleball Doubles Partner

Tips to enhance your pickleball doubles partnership: prioritize enjoyment, communicate effectively, stay positive, be adaptable, know your role, practice and learn together, master the serve and return, enter various tournaments, and develop strategies for success.
Zoë Jeffery

Master The Return of Serve in Pickleball: Tips & Techniques

Mastering the return of serve in pickleball can significantly impact your game's dynamics, whether playing singles or doubles, by utilizing strategies such as hitting deep, varying returns, targeting weaknesses, and using height and the middle effectively.
Credit: Zack Taylor
Zoë Jeffery

The Inner Game Of Pickleball

Embrace the Inner Game Of Pickleball to elevate your game with sports psychology principles, focusing on mental skills like staying motivated, positive self-talk, and building a solid foundation to achieve your pickleball goals.
Zoë Jeffery

At Home Pickleball Practice Guide

Refine your pickleball skills at home during the holiday season with fundamental drills, precision exercises, and mental conditioning tips to keep your game sharp and ready for when you hit the courts again!
Zoë Jeffery

Pickleball Wall Drills

Discover the numerous benefits of incorporating pickleball wall drills into your training routine for improved technique, control, consistency, hand speed, and reaction time.
Zoë Jeffery

The Pickleball Flick Volley

Master the pickleball flick volley to catch your opponents off guard with quick angles and changes in pace.
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